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Seams Easy - For all your sewing needs....
For many years Seams Easy has served the Sewing, Altering, Mending, Tailoring and Garment restyling needs of Milton Keynes to hundreds of people in and around the area.
We operate a full-time business that not only works with other local businesses (Dry cleaners, Hotels, etc) but also with the individual customer.
We offer a more personal service than that of our corporate counterparts. All our consultations are easily arranged to suit you and your time constraints plus your fittings will be private between yourself and our seamstress.

Formal Wear - Wedding Dresses - Proms - Tailored Suits
We specialise in the alteration of bridal gowns and formal attire, (altering, custom fitting & resizing) plus we can restyle, rework, reinvent or just repair most other clothing to suit your needs.
With over 30 years experience in the Fashion, Tailoring and Dressmaking industry, Seams Easy is the easy choice.
Closet of clothes you can’t wear?
Many of us are creatures of habit, We have our favourite tops, our favourite dress, maybe it's a favourite pair of jeans so we all know what its like when you realise you cant get into those jeans anymore or the hem has fallen down on your skirt or the zip has broken on your jeans. That's where we can help.
Instead of investing in a whole new wardrobe why not try our tailoring or seamstress services to help you re-style and re-invigorate those favourite clothes.
It also costs a lot less!

Call today for a no obligation free quote!
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